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About Us

British University College

British University College is one of the Private Higher Education Institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Myanmar.

Our mission is to provide the best education to fulfill every student’s ambition and we make sure that quality is our top priority. Our groups of education have produced millions of outstanding students in Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and China over 30 years and currently, over 6,000 students are attending their respective programme.

We are the very first education group who had installed BTEC-HND in Myanmar and supported and delivered our academic programmes in one of the famous colleges in Myanmar from 2006 to 2016.

Currently, we have our students who are attending General English & English for Academic Purposes Programme, International Foundation Programme, International Higher Diplomas, Bachelor Degree Programmes and Master Programme as well as we have our students who get to universities in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Singapore through our academic pathways.

Depending on our students’ abilities and outstanding academic records, productive curriculums in international standards and excellent teaching and guidance under experienced teachers, there are many of our students who have got scholarships for their international bachelor degree at USA and UK Universities.

Our Vision

To be Top private Higher Education Institution
in Myanmar .

Our Mission

Providing the best education to fulfill every students

Our Culture

An excellent institution with care and support ,
nurturing creativity for students and staff .

Our Values

Care and Support , Excellence , Creativity

Our History

British University College was established in Myanmar on November 2017 under the supervision of Professor Tim Boatswain who served as a pro vice chancellor of universities in the UK. This University College is one of the educational institutions under the education organization based in Singapore which was established in 1981.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are awarded by University of Sunderland, UK and International Transfer Programmes that are awarded by TMC Academy Singapore and British University College.

One of the school branches of Singapore’s government Education community. Currently in partnership with the large universities from UK and teaching over millions of undergraduates and post-graduates in East Asia and Indo-China Regions.

The First Private University school in Myanmar to deliver BTEC HND in 2007 and doing it from 2007 to 2017 straight for 10 years.
Changed to private school called British University College in 2017, and got approved by the Singapore’s government to teach the curriculum in 2019, BUC join with one of UK’s government university, the University of Sunderland, to teach Bachelor Degree.

BUC’s Teaching Quality has been inspected by the Singapore government’s Committee of Private Education (CPE) and has passed all the 7 tests and also includes the EduTrust System which is currently being used.

We also partner with high ranked university in the world.

Our Partners

We are partnering with the high-ranked universities

Main partners

A Truly Life-changing University

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