Admission Process and Procedure (Local)

Step one

Before Application

- Select your Course & check the Entry Requirements
- Understand the Course Fee
- Pre-course Counseling by the student recruitment staff or agents
- Understand Fee Protection Scheme, Medical Insurance, Student Contract and Miscellaneous Fee

Step two

During Application

- Fill in the Online Application Form*
*Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (or later) is required to access the file. To complete the form, we recommend that you save the file in your PC and open the file in the Acrobat Reader program. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0, please print the Application Form, complete it and submit to TMC.
- Submit supporting documents
- Payment of Application Fee

  • Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident, Work Permit Holder, S-Pass Holder and Employment Pass Holder are considered Local Students who do not require a Student Pass.
  • Please note that the originality of the Educational Certificates and Transcripts must be verified through sighting of the original documents.
  • For Partner University courses, the respective University’s Application form needs to be completed by the applicant. For International Students, both the TMC & Partner University’s application forms will need to be completed

A TMC offer letter will be issued upon a full assessment of the student’s qualifications and receipt of the TMC application documents and application fees.

If you do not satisfy the standard published Entry Requirements:

Psychometric Test Entry
Students who are admitted through the Psychometric Test must satisfy the following conditions as appropriate; else the enrolment will be discontinued (refund policy rules applies):

– Pass the Psychometric Test before enrolment.
– Pass at least 50% of the modules in the first semester or second semester (for mid-term intake)

Mature Student Entry
Local Applicants who do not satisfy the standard published Entry Requirements, but are at least 30 years old (at Course Commencement date) and have at least 8 years of working experience may seek Mature Student Entry.

Special Consideration

Local and International Students who do not meet any other standard Entry Requirements, may request for Special Consideration and be subjected to approval by the Academics. A written test and an interview may be required.

Module Exemptions

For Applicants who wish to request for exemptions with a previous qualification will need to complete the Module Exemptions Application Form.

Note: The above do not apply to admission to university degree.

Step three

After Application

- Check Application Status
- Accept Offer by signing the acceptance portion in the Letter of Offer.
- Sign Student Contract and make course fee payments.
- Prepare for School Life
- Attend Orientation

Admission Enquiry