A Warm Welcome To The British University College

I understand that Higher Education such as education collaboration has been highly supported by the relevant authority in Myanmar as it would have far-reaching impact in enhancing and raising the quality and standards in the education landscape in Myanmar.

I would like to highlight that in this fast-moving and competitive world, the key to an individual’s future lies in the range and quality of their education. It will not only affect your personal development, but also the direction of your career.

We are confident that the establishment of British University College would be able to achieve this important mission to provide the best, quality and affordable education services accessible to the people in Myanmar. We are certain that it would be able to reach out to many local students so that they could enjoy the benefits brought by our international education programs and services. We are committed to ensuring that our students get the best while studying at the British University College. On this note, I would like to wish you all the best in your academic pursuit at the British University College.

Thank you and best regards,
Professor Tim Boatswain
Chairman, Board of Directors
British University College