International Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering

The objective of this programme is to educate Burmese students on an International Higher Diploma programmes, successful completion of which would allow entry into the final year an appropriate international bachelor degree programme. This programme is needed as it allows students to specialise by committing to specific career paths and progression routes to the degree-level study. The International Higher Diploma is recognized by UK Higher Education providers as meeting admission requirements to many relevant business-related courses.


♠ အင်္ဂလန် နိုင်ငံရှိ တက္ကသိုလ် တော်တော်များများရဲ့ Bachelor ( ပထမနှစ် + ဒုတိယနှစ် ) နှင့် ညီမျှပါသည်။(240 credits)

♠ International Higher Diploma အောင်မြင်ပီးပါက ရန်ကုန်တွင် နောက်ဆုံနစ် ၁၂ လ ဆက်တက်ပြီး အင်္ဂလန် နိင်ငံက တိုက်ရိုက်ပေးအပ်ချီးမြင့်သည့် Bachelor ဘွဲ့ကိုရရှိပါမည်။ အင်္ဂလန်နိင်ငံတွင်ဆက်လက်တက်ရောက်နိုင်သည့်ကျောင်းများ

  • Conventry University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Birmingham City University

Year 1

  • Design and planning for construction
  • Materials and Scientific Principles for Construction
  • Analytical and Statistical Methods for Construction
  • Health, Safety and Welfare for Construction
  • Survey Techniques of Site for Construction
  • Geology and Soil Mechanics for Engineering
  • Technology of Civil Engineering
  • Estimating and Costing for Construction

Year 2

  • Principles of Management for Construction
  • Management of Project for Construction
  • Constractual Processes and Procurement for Construction
  • Real Life Experience in Construction
  • Railway Track Engineering System
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Research Based Project
Entry Requirements

Be eighteen years of age, plus

GCE ‘A’ level or Successfully completed BUC International Founcation Year or equivalent

Have gained an appropriate qualifications in English Language, such as the TEG English Language Level 4 or an IELTS level 6.0 or equivalent.

Applications are welcome from candidates holding other qualifications equivalent to individual modules on the programme.